Webservice Launch

September 1st, 2011 — 7LFreight, a technology supplier for logistic service providers, announced that they have finished development on their first set of webservices. 7LFreight’s data will be able to be integrated into third party software platforms, allowing logistic service providers to have the 7LFreight experience within their operations platform.

“We are very excited to finish this project, the goal of 7LFreight is to simplify freight, we believe that by giving forwarders an ability to have all of the tools they need within one platform we’re meeting that goal.” said Brennan O’Dowd, Vice President of Sales for 7LFreight. “We also feel that this will allow more forwarders accessibility to utilize our product which in turn will strengthen our community.”

The Webservices:

  • * Linehaul Schedules
  • * Linehaul Rates
  • * Local PU&D Rates
  • * Domestic Air Rates
  • * Airline Schedules
  • * Domestic Door to Door Rates
  • * LTL Rates
  • * LTL Tracking
  • * International Air Rates

To learn more information about the specific webservices please contact us at sales7LFreight.com


7LFreight technology provider that delivers and maintains an innovative rating engine that provides logistic service providers access to their rates in seconds. The data is fully maintained by 7LFreight which allows the forwarder to remain focused on providing outstanding customer service.

More information on 7LFreight can be found at www.7LFreight.com